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The case of the missing deputy PM

Tuesday 13 December 2011 – by Regulation Mutters

UK Prime Minister David Cameron got a grilling in parliament over his veto of the EU treaty on Monday afternoon but his deputy PM was nowhere to be seen.

“Where’s Clegg?”, “Where’s your deputy?”, jeered the opposition, as Cameron played down rumours of a split in the coalition government, insisting that Nick Clegg had agreed to the UK’s stance before the EU summit in Brussels.

After several more heated questions from Labour MPs as to where the LibDem deputy PM was, Cameron got increasingly frustrated and replied: “I’m not responsible for his whereabouts but I’m sure he is working extremely hard.”

The Mutterer suspects Clegg is indeed working very hard, planning out his party’s new policy on Europe, seeing as the LibDems appear to have rolled over on every single issue they ever stood for since they became part of the coalition…

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