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Singing at a Chinese Buffet

Friday 6 January 2012 – by Regulation Mutters

US billionaire Warren Buffet, renowned for his investment prowess, will soon add singing and guitar to his array of talents, in celebration of the upcoming Chinese new year.

The 81-year-old has agreed to sing and play the guitar in a specially recorded performance for China Network Television, reported Xinhua, a state news agency.

“We all know that Buffett is good at investment but few knew he also did well in singing,” said Wang Pingjiu, a production executive for the broadcast.

Kung Fu actor, Jackie Chan is to join the investor as one of the international stars performing for the Spring Festival Web Gala, which will be available online on 23 January.

No mention was made of which song Buffet will be playing but the Mutterer is betting on a rendition of Abba’s ‘Money Money Money’.

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