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Regulators swapping ivory towers for tents?

Monday 5 December 2011 – by Regulation Mutters

So it seems the regulators are finally descending from their ivory towers and taking to the streets as the UK Financial Services Authority chief prepares to meet with Occupy London protestors in a Bedouin tent.

The protestors finally persuaded chief executive Hector Sants to a meeting in the St Ethelburga’s tent on Bishopsgate on Wednesday.

The meeting will take place as part of a series of events called London Connect organised by Bishop of London Dr Richard Chartres on finance and ethics in the city. Dr Chartres will be present as Sants meets the St Paul’s protestors.

The former Lazard International chairman Ken Costa, who is now advising the Church of England on ethics in the city, will also attend the meeting.

The FSA said that it recognised the importance of the financial services industry “engaging more” with the general public.

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