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EU leaders urge for G20 regulation drive
Monday 24 Oct 2011 | Andrew Hickley
Radical changes to countries’ financial regulations must be agreed at the Cannes G20 meeting at the end of next week, leaders in crisis-hit Europe have argued. The summit must make “real progress”…
OECD: G20 will get ‘true story’ on IFCs
Friday 21 Oct 2011 | Andrew Hickley
The head of the OECD’s global tax forum is largely satisfied with the efforts of international financial centres to adhere to new standards as they bid to shake off their ‘tax haven’ byname….
AIFMD draft ‘will create barriers to entry’
Thursday 20 Oct 2011 | Karina Whalley
UK private equity firms have attacked EU regulation of alternative investments, saying it could have a damaging effect on the industry. The British Private Equity and Venture Capital Association on…
UK tax authority targets HSBC Geneva
Thursday 13 Oct 2011 | Karina Whalley
The UK tax authority has announced plans to crack down on tax evaders with Swiss HSBC bank accounts, saying they face penalty charges of up to 200 per cent of the tax they owe. The action follows…
FSB: OTC derivative reforms lagging
Wednesday 12 Oct 2011 | Will Henley
The Financial Stability Board has said it is unacceptable for countries to simply wait and see how over the counter derivatives rules turn out in the US and EU before starting to reform their own…
FSB urges more action on pay practices
Wednesday 12 Oct 2011 | Will Henley
National supervisors are still some way off ensuring responsible pay policies at financial institutions, according to the Financial Stability Board. Obstacles to improved pay schemes, disclosure…
Swiss CISA reforms ‘don’t go far enough’
Friday 7 Oct 2011 | Karina Whalley
Proposed amendments to Switzerland’s collective investment scheme regime “do not go far enough”, according to the Swiss financial regulator. The Financial Market Supervisory Authority said on…
Swiss banks set to hand over info to US
Friday 7 Oct 2011 | Karina Whalley
Switzerland is set to hand over information to US authorities on tax evaders after a secret meeting between banks and the government, a Swiss newspaper reported on Friday. The State Secretariat for…
Swiss-UK tax deal signed and sealed
Friday 7 Oct 2011 | Karina Whalley
A much-awaited tax agreement between the UK and Switzerland was finally formally signed on Friday. The deal ensures that any UK taxpayers’ holdings in Switzerland will face a one-off payment of…
G-Sifi insurers may not face surcharge
Friday 30 Sep 2011 | Nicola York
Too big to fail insurers could be subject to different rules than banks potentially meaning they could side step a capital surcharge according to the International Association of Insurance…
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