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2012 vision: How can banks keep up with change?
Thursday 29 Dec 2011 | Georges Bory
Many banks are still relying on technology which is behind the curve but in order to meet regulatory challenges ahead of time, they should invest in adaptable systems now, says Georges Bory, MD and co-founder of software provider Quartet FS.
2012 vision: Resolving the unresolved
Thursday 29 Dec 2011 | Robert Park
The key themes in 2012 will be the growing need for real-time risk measures, a focus on managing portfolio risk and resolving the uncertainty around derivatives regulations, according to financial analytics firm Fincad’s president and ceo Robert Park.
2012 vision: The move to centralised reporting
Thursday 29 Dec 2011 | John Mitchell
As regulators set out their requirements for over-the-counter derivatives data reporting, regulatory pressures and operational complexities will only continue to multiply says John Mitchell, VP global sales at data management firm Asset Control.
India & Japan: Asia’s Natural-Born Allies
Thursday 29 Dec 2011 | Brahma Chellaney
Through close collaboration, Japan and India must lead the effort to build freedom, prosperity, and stability in the Indo-Pacific region, writes Brahma Chellaney, professor at the New Delhi-based Center for Policy Research.
Japanese regulator hikes securities staff
Wednesday 28 Dec 2011 | [email protected]
Japan’s financial regulator is set to boost staff numbers to help deal with illegal securities trading, according to reports.
India warns on Basel liquidity standard
Thursday 22 Dec 2011 | [email protected]
Indian banks will be placed at a competitive disadvantage by Basel III liquidity standards, the country’s central bank has revealed.
S&P;: Why we changed our rating criteria
Thursday 22 Dec 2011 | Jayan Dhru
Standard and Poor’s recently revamped its rating criteria for banks in light of the financial crisis. Jayan Dhru, global head of financial institution ratings at the agency explains the logic behind the move.
IASB clarifies IFRS 10 delivery dates
Wednesday 21 Dec 2011 | [email protected]
The International Accounting Standards Board has released an exposure draft clarifying implementation dates for the IFRS 10 standard, amid confusion over the date from which firms will have to use the new principle.
Basel: Credit risk adjustments for derivs
Wednesday 21 Dec 2011 | [email protected]
The Basel Committee is proposing that all debit valuation adjustments for over-the-counter derivatives should be fully deducted when banks are calculating their common equity tier one capital ratios.
Basel overhauls bank supervision code
Tuesday 20 Dec 2011 | Andrew Hickley & Will Henley
Regulatory authorities will be obliged to exchange information on the activities of multinational banks under a revision to the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision’s “core principles for effective bank supervision”.
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