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Sarkozy to introduce French FTT in August
Nicolas Sarkozy - photo by European Commission Monday 30 Jan 2012 | Andrew Hickley
French President Nicolas Sarkozy has announced he will introduce a 0.1 per cent Tobin tax in the country regardless of whether other European countries implement the levy.
Canada aligns credit rating rules with EU
Monday 30 Jan 2012 | Karina Whalley
The Canadian securities watchdog has clamped down on credit rating agencies by releasing new legislation in line with international standards, especially those in Europe.
EC: No corp gov powers for ESAs
Monday 30 Jan 2012 | Karina Whalley
The European Commission says it has no intention of giving the European Banking Authority or the European Insurance and Occupational Pensions Authority detailed powers to regulate corporate governance.
Risk of new banking crisis is top threat
Monday 30 Jan 2012 | Karina Whalley
The risk of another global recession and a new banking crisis are the top two threats that the worldwide banking industry is currently facing.
Esma: ‘Wait and see’ on ETF prohibitions
Monday 30 Jan 2012 | Andrew Hickley
The European securities watchdog says it is still in favour of clamping down on the sale of complex Ucits exchange-traded funds to retail investors, but that it will await the outcome of Mifid negotiations until it makes any further recommendations.
RBS chief rejects bonus after outcry
Monday 30 Jan 2012 | Karina Whalley
The Royal Bank of Scotland chief Stephen Hester has bowed to political and public pressure by refusing to accept a bonus of shares worth £963,000 (€1,151,000/$1,510,000) for 2011.
US & Int accountants to align standards
Monday 30 Jan 2012 | Andrew Hickley
US and international accounting regulators have agreed to look into reducing the differences between their respective classification and measurement models for financial instruments.
EC’s impact assessments improving
Monday 30 Jan 2012 | Karina Whalley
The Centre for European Policy Studies has found that the quality of regulatory impact assessments in the European Commission and the UK, has improved steadily over time.
UK releases Financial Services Bill
Friday 27 Jan 2012 | Karina Whalley
The UK has unveiled its much-awaited Financial Services Bill which aims to overhaul the failed system of financial regulation but it has already been met with criticism.
S&P;: UK will prop up banks for 2 years
Friday 27 Jan 2012 | Karina Whalley
Standard & Poor’s believes the UK will continue to offer extraordinary government support to prop up struggling banks for the next two years at least, due to fears of wider systemic contagion.
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