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‘Smart money’ on US IFRS condorsement
Monday 5 Dec 2011 | [email protected]
The US is set to adopt international financial reporting standards despite it being a “fairly painful process”, according to the International Accounting Standards Board. The Securities and Exchange Commission has vowed to deliver its verdict on IFRS adoption by the end of 2011.
Basel pushes for internal audit changes
Friday 2 Dec 2011 | [email protected]
National supervisors could be allowed to demand an overhaul of banks’ internal audit processes if they find deficiencies in the way they are undertaken, under new proposals from the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision.
Aus banks hit by S&P; downgrades
Friday 2 Dec 2011 | [email protected]
Australia’s four biggest banks have failed to avoid rating downgrades after Standard & Poor’s revised the way it assesses major institutions.
Glocalism: A world view of prudential regulation
Friday 2 Dec 2011 | Eleanor Lavan
Clear and cooperative communication between global banks and worldwide standard setters is essential to ensure reforms shore up the financial system while appreciating local specificities, says Eleanor Lavan, spokesperson for the British Bankers’ Association.
The 70% tax solution
Thursday 1 Dec 2011 | J. Bradford DeLong / Project Syndicate
There are compelling arguments for raising taxes to 70 per cent for the super rich – in fact, we have a moral obligation to tax them so heavily that we raise the most possible money from them, argues J. Bradford DeLong, professor of economics at the University of California at Berkeley.
Biggest banks hit by S&P; downgrade
Wednesday 30 Nov 2011 | [email protected]
The credit ratings of a number of the world’s biggest banks have been downgraded by Standard & Poor’s after the agency overhauled its ratings criteria.
ICFR casts doubt on Basel III studies
Monday 28 Nov 2011 | [email protected]
A leading regulatory think tank has cast doubt on the reliability of studies which indicate that the costs of Basel III implementation will be hard to bear.
UK bans dealings with Iranian banks
Monday 21 Nov 2011 | [email protected]
The UK government has ordered banks to stop all business with Iranian financial institutions in light of the “significant risk” that Iran poses to Britain in the development and production of nuclear…
FTT would not have prevented crisis
Monday 21 Nov 2011 | Karina Whalley
A financial transaction tax would not have prevented the last crisis, nor would it have avoided current sovereign debt problems, according to a leading think tank.   The Institute of Economic…
Fin regs must be more consistent – survey
Monday 21 Nov 2011 | Karina Whalley
Nearly two-thirds of multinational firms want to see financial regulation applied more consistently across borders and regard the regulatory environment as the main barrier to entry in key global…
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