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Osborne parodied in sketch show campaign

Tuesday 22 November 2011 – by Regulation Mutters

UK chancellor George Osborne has become the victim of a light-hearted sketch series as the World Development Movement ups its pressure for the Etonian to relent over his opposition to regulating price speculation in food markets.

In a 14-part series airing between now and Christmas, the WDM promises to parody the chancellor in a series of ill-advised PR stunts promoting Osborne above Mayor of London Boris Johnson as the ‘most recognised Tory’ in the race to succeed David Cameron.

Starring Holy Flying Circus’s Rufus Jones, the three-minute season opener sees Osborne trying his hand at street dancing, with predictably comical results.

However the group – who have previously campaigned for worldwide position limits on commodities – has a much harder-hitting message this time round, calling for the chancellor to support proper regulation of food speculation.

As part of its revamp of the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive, the European Commission has proposed that the European Securities and Markets Authority and national regulators will be able to enact nation-wide position limits in commodities markets.

However, the World Development Movement is concerned that the UK’s opposition to the proposal would curtail the introduction of limits across Europe – making Osborne’s support vital.

“Chancellor George Osborne has the opportunity to ‘do the right thing’ supporting the vote for regulation,” says World Development Movement director Deborah Doane.

“Volatile prices only benefit a few very wealthy bankers, but wreak havoc on everyone else. This is a clear case where the chancellor should side with the 99 per cent.

“We know there’s a danger George might try to side with the banks and block the vote, so we’re asking the UK public to get behind us and keep the pressure up. We hope people will love our light-hearted version of behind-the-scenes in the chancellor’s office, and support us by calling on George to back the vote.”

The series, which will air four times a week in the lead up to Christmas, can be found here.

With the European Parliament and European Council set to vote on the measures in the coming months, campaigners can also send the chancellor an email backing the movement, found at the same address.

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