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Regulating the insurance industry? Child’s play!
Wednesday 25 Jan 2012 | Regulation Mutters
A work programme released earlier this week by Europe’s insurance supervisor has shown the regulator’s human side, revealing it will work with the City of Frankfurt to create a kindergarten for local parents.
Singing at a Chinese Buffet
Friday 6 Jan 2012 | Regulation Mutters
US billionaire Warren Buffet, renowned for his investment prowess, will soon add singing and guitar to his array of talents, in celebration of the upcoming Chinese new year.
Barclays rebuked for ‘tasty profits’
Thursday 5 Jan 2012 | Regulation Mutters
Barclays has been nominated as this year’s most shameful company for alleged excessive betting on food prices which fuels hunger and poverty, according to the World Development Movement.
Christmas cheer: The seven days of Mifid
Thursday 22 Dec 2011 | Regulation Mutters
In the spirit of seasonal goodwill, the Mutterer has composed a Christmas carol with a regulatory twist. To be sung to the tune of the 12 days of Christmas. Unfortunately we got stuck at seven, but if you have any more suggestions, do send them through and we’ll consider them.
Introducing… US election derivatives
Barack Obama (photo by the White House) - soon to be a tradeable commodity? Wednesday 21 Dec 2011 | Regulation Mutters
The world of US derivatives could be set for an interesting time, after the North American Derivatives Exchange filed a notice it hopes will allow it to trade “political event contracts”.
The case of the missing deputy PM
Tuesday 13 Dec 2011 | Regulation Mutters
UK Prime Minister David Cameron got a grilling in parliament over his veto of the EU treaty on Monday afternoon but his deputy PM was nowhere to be seen.
Regulators swapping ivory towers for tents?
Occupy London protestors in Cheapside - photo by Aurelien Guichard Monday 5 Dec 2011 | Regulation Mutters
So it seems the regulators are finally descending from their ivory towers and taking to the streets as the UK Financial Services Authority chief prepares to meet with Occupy London protestors in a Bedouin tent.
Robert Jenkins 1 – Financial Industry 2
Monday 28 Nov 2011 | Regulation Mutters
A senior member of the Bank of England’s new Financial Policy Committee set the cat among the pigeons last week when he complained that bank sector lobbying is “dishonest”. Robert Jenkins hit out at the efforts of industry groups to dampen the impact Basel III capital and liquidity rules over fears that they will force firms to raise rates and cut lending. Jenkins, who was named in July as…
Osborne parodied in sketch show campaign
George Osborne (played by Rufus Jones) boogeying down in the online video in an effort to boost his PR Tuesday 22 Nov 2011 | Regulation Mutters
UK chancellor George Osborne has become the victim of a light-hearted sketch series as the World Development Movement ups its pressure for the Etonian to relent over his opposition to regulating price speculation in food markets. In a 14-part series airing between now and Christmas, the WDM promises to parody the chancellor in a series of ill-advised PR stunts promoting Osborne above Mayor of…
Andrew Tyrie wins Brit politician award
Thursday 17 Nov 2011 | Regulation Mutters
British parliamentary inquisitor Andrew Tyrie, a man not shy of upsetting government ministers with his rapacious probing of financial policy, has won an award from magazine The Spectator. The Tory MP, who recently warned of a regulatory “vacuum” with the dismantling of the Financial Services Authority, picked up the gong for Select Committee ‘Chairman of the Year’ on Wednesday night. The…
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