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UK tax treaty is a fillip for Switzerland
Thursday 25 Aug 2011 | Claude-Alain Margelisch
Claude-Alain Margelisch, chief executive of the Swiss Bankers Association, says that even after this week’s milestone tax agreement comes into effect, Swiss banks will remain attractive to clients that want to have their assets managed in Switzerland.
UK-Swiss tax deal scuppers EU efforts
Thursday 25 Aug 2011 | Richard Murphy
The UK-Swiss tax agreement bulldozes a potential EU deal which would have ensured there was automatic information exchange on all interest income and gains arising throughout Europe, Switzerland, Liechtenstein and the UK’s tax havens, writes Richard Murphy of Tax Research UK.
UK-Swiss tax deal could lead to ‘exodus’
Thursday 25 Aug 2011 | Will Henley
The British government has defended a landmark deal with Switzerland’s government and banks which would see billions in evaded taxes returned to the UK by Swiss account holders. The deal,
French super-rich follow Buffett’s lead
Thursday 25 Aug 2011 | Andrew Hickley
The French government will levy an extra 3 per cent tax on annual income above €500,000 ($720,000) after some of the country’s richest executives said they should make higher contributions to lower…
UK and Swiss seal long-awaited tax deal
Wednesday 24 Aug 2011 | Will Henley
British and Swiss authorities have clinched a deal settling a longstanding dispute over the non-payment of UK taxes, Global Financial Strategy can reveal. Under a bilateral treaty concluded on…
Marcus: There is a long, painful path ahead
Wednesday 24 Aug 2011 | Gill Marcus
Gill Marcus, governor of the South African Reserve Bank, says that without purposeful and coordinated action the global economy is on the brink of falling back into what could be a prolonged recession.
AIFMD will not stifle funds after all
Wednesday 24 Aug 2011 | Geoff Cook
The AIFMD has resulted in a shuffling about of funds offerings rather than the full-blown trade bloc tectonic earthquake we once feared, writes Geoff Cook, chief executive of Jersey Finance.
IFC and Swiss to craft Egypt regulations
Wednesday 24 Aug 2011 | Andrew Hickley
Swiss regulators are to work with the World Bank’s International Finance Corporation to help craft “business-friendly” regulations in Egypt. Switzerland’s State Secretariat for Economic Affairs…
Swiss CoCo law enters parliament
Wednesday 24 Aug 2011 | Andrew Hickley
Swiss authorities have unveiled legislative plans adapting the country’s tax framework to make it easier for financial institutions to issue contingent convertible bonds. The Federal Council…
Graphic illustrates size of global finance
Wednesday 24 Aug 2011 | Regulation Mutters
The staggering size of the world’s financial sector is this week the subject of an investigation by German magazine Der Spiegel. The publication uses a useful visual graphic of the globe to compare…
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HKEx: ‘We don’t believe in arbitrage’
The financial services industry is high up on the target list for the Hong Kong Exchange’s key company poacher, head of issuer marketing Eric Landheer. But which firm – insurer or bank – is his next target? And how will he lure them?
Stef Zielezienski (right) testifying to Congress - Photo by AIA G-Sifi insurer designation too ‘secretive’
As efforts gather pace in Basel to determine which insurers should be deemed globally systemic, the American Insurance Association tells Global Financial Strategy that the process is wrongheaded, lacks transparency and may seriously harm the US market. Will Henley reports.


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