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Japan regulators slam US Volcker rule
Friday 13 Jan 2012 | Karina Whalley
Japan has slammed the US Volcker rule for potentially wreaking havoc on Japanese government bonds and warns it could harm sovereign bond markets worldwide.
FTT may end ‘socially useful’ trades
Wednesday 11 Jan 2012 | Karina Whalley
A leading think tank has warned that any tax on financial transactions should be “very small” otherwise it could risk eradicating socially useful trades.
Danish EU presidency opposes FTT
Tuesday 10 Jan 2012 | [email protected]
Danish officials have quashed the European Commission’s proposals for a European-wide financial transaction tax, saying they would be “very reluctant” to support the controversial levy.
Aima: Financial transaction tax is un-European
Tuesday 10 Jan 2012 | Jiri Krol
The European Commission’s proposals for an FTT are unworkable and will damage the internal market, according to Jiri Krol, director of government and regulatory affairs at the Alternative Investment Management Association.
BIS appoints Fed man as committee head
Basel, Switzerland Tuesday 10 Jan 2012 | Karina Whalley
The Bank for International Settlements has appointed the president of New York’s Federal Reserve to head up the Committee on the Global Financial System, replacing Mark Carney as chair.
Merkozy open to eurozone FTT
Monday 9 Jan 2012 | [email protected]
Germany and France have shown the first signs they may be willing to introduce a eurozone-only financial transaction tax if they cannot secure the backing of all 27 EU countries.
FTT to cost billions in lost revenue
Monday 9 Jan 2012 | [email protected]
A European financial transaction tax could cost billions of euros in lost revenues according to leading accountants Ernst & Young.
Regulation ‘harming’ the UK economy
Thursday 5 Jan 2012 | Karina Whalley
Nearly 90 per cent of top British firms fear that the amount of UK regulation is harming the country’s economy, according to the annual Ipsos Mori Capitains of Industry survey.
FTT ‘major disadvantage’ for Ireland
Thursday 5 Jan 2012 | [email protected]
Irish leaders are under pressure to fight back on proposals to introduce a eurozone-wide financial transaction tax following the UK’s refusal to implement the levy.
FTT to be in place by ‘end of year’
Wednesday 4 Jan 2012 | Karina Whalley
A controversial European tax on financial transactions will be in place by the end of 2012 – a year ahead of schedule – according to a French minister.
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