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Asia in the year of the dragon
Monday 23 Jan 2012 | Haruhiko Kuroda / Project Syndicate
Although Asia has little external financial vulnerability, it is not decoupled from the West and European policymakers would do well to remember this when tackling the EU’s sovereign debt crisis, says Haruhiko Kuroda, president of the Asian Development Bank.
Driving business innovation from regulatory pressures
Monday 23 Jan 2012 | Claire Paisley and David FitzGerald
Innovation and regulation are words that are not often strongly correlated in any sector – let alone the financial services industry – but this can change, according to Claire Paisley and David FitzGerald of Baringa Partners.
Barnier: FTT will not be forced on UK
Michel Barnier - photo by European Commission Monday 23 Jan 2012 | [email protected]
Influential European internal market commissioner Michel Barnier has assured the City of London that a much-loathed financial transaction will not be imposed on the UK against its will.
Firms reluctant to tweet due to regulation
Monday 23 Jan 2012 | [email protected]
Financial services firms are unwilling to use social media sites such as Twitter because of compliance issues and the potential regulatory backlash it could cause, according to new research.
Basel: Measures for ‘all’ systemic firms
Friday 20 Jan 2012 | [email protected]
Extra requirements could be imposed for a range of systemically important firms, including central counterparties, insurers and domestic banks, according to the Basel Committee for Banking Supervision.
Mid East moots domestic capital markets
Friday 20 Jan 2012 | [email protected]
Middle Eastern and North African regulators have deliberated on ways to develop their own domestic capital markets during an inaugural meeting of regional policymakers.
Senators urge SEC on political spending
Friday 20 Jan 2012 | [email protected]
Senators have called on the Securities and Exchange Commission to use its authority to force corporations to disclose their political spending in a bid to raise transparency.
German minister moots EU stamp tax
Friday 20 Jan 2012 | [email protected]
Germany could be set for an about-turn on the mooted European financial transaction tax by choosing instead to back a UK-style stamp duty on share purchases.
The muddy waters of regulation
Friday 20 Jan 2012 | Matt Gibbs
Audit and reporting requirements are only going to increase in future years so it is essential that financial institutions have decent systems and controls in place to deal with this, says Matt Gibbs, product manager for Linedata.
Charges for $78m US insider trading ring
Thursday 19 Jan 2012 | [email protected]
Seven US fund managers and analysts have been charged after they allegedly made a total of $78m (€60.5m) in two insider trading schemes.
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