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US & Int accountants to align standards
Monday 30 Jan 2012 | Andrew Hickley
US and international accounting regulators have agreed to look into reducing the differences between their respective classification and measurement models for financial instruments.
EC’s impact assessments improving
Monday 30 Jan 2012 | Karina Whalley
The Centre for European Policy Studies has found that the quality of regulatory impact assessments in the European Commission and the UK, has improved steadily over time.
UK releases Financial Services Bill
Friday 27 Jan 2012 | Karina Whalley
The UK has unveiled its much-awaited Financial Services Bill which aims to overhaul the failed system of financial regulation but it has already been met with criticism.
S&P;: UK will prop up banks for 2 years
Friday 27 Jan 2012 | Karina Whalley
Standard & Poor’s believes the UK will continue to offer extraordinary government support to prop up struggling banks for the next two years at least, due to fears of wider systemic contagion.
Deferred publication regime ‘flawed’
Friday 27 Jan 2012 | [email protected]
A leading trade body is calling for European regulators to revise the deferred publication regime for equity post trade transparency saying the current reporting delays permitted under MiFID regime are “flawed” and will damage the market.
UK slammed on Hester’s £1m bonus
Friday 27 Jan 2012 | Andrew Hickley
The UK government has been slammed after it emerged that Royal Bank of Scotland chief Stephen Hester will receive a bonus of almost £1m (€1.2m/$1.6m) for his efforts in 2011.
EU launches backlash on Volcker rule
Barnier and Geithner - photo by European Commission Friday 27 Jan 2012 | Karina Whalley
The European Commission has threatened to replicate extraterritorial measures in Europe if US does not drop similar proposals being brought in under the Volcker rule.
Barnier admits delay to ‘overdue’ bail-ins
Friday 27 Jan 2012 | Andrew Hickley
EU internal market commissioner Michel Barnier has admitted he will delay proposals for mandatory bank bail-ins until “the worst of the crisis” is over.
Diamond warns against ‘Balkanisation’
Thursday 26 Jan 2012 | Andrew Hickley
Barclays chief executive Bob Diamond has warned global regulators against enacting protectionist measures and a “Balkanisation” of regulation as banks look to boost global growth.
ABI: UK insurers must keep EU links
Thursday 26 Jan 2012 | Karina Whalley
The head of the ABI has called on UK insurers to maintain strong alliances with European markets fearing the recent UK veto on the EU Treaty could jeopardise Britain’s negotiations.
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