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Ucits or not Ucits: solving the technical challenges
Wednesday 1 Jun 2011 | Pamela Thompson and Trevor Headley
Alternative Ucits offerings attracted more than €33bn ($48bn) of net new flows in 2010, a 74 per cent uplift on 2009. Pamela Thompson of Eversheds and Trevor Headley of Tradar consider the legal and technological implications of setting up in this burgeoning space.
Analysis: Future of Australian bank funding
Thursday 26 May 2011 | Will Henley in Australia
Australian banks face a series of tests ahead, both temporary and fundamental, including market skittishness, reliance on offshore capital market funding, and new Basel requirements. Will Henley reports.
Australia braces for regulatory ‘backwash’
Tuesday 24 May 2011 | Will Henley in Australia
Australia is facing a wave of new regulations – with risks attached – in the wake of the global financial crisis, claims Duncan Fairweather, executive director of the Australian Financial Markets Association, which represents the country’s wholesale financial market players, including banks, securities firms and traders.
Getting the most out of financial globalisation
Monday 23 May 2011 | Stephanie Guichard & Davide Furceri
The authors of a new study from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development argue that there may be a role for capital controls, if designed in a way that minimises distortions in long-term investments and ordinary business activities.
An Asia funds passport: plan or pipe-dream?
Thursday 19 May 2011 | Will Henley in Australia
A pan-Asian funds management passport may give Australia’s investment sector, “second only to the US” in terms of skill, the chance to knock European Ucits off their perch, suggests John Brogden, the country’s chief financial sector lobbyist.
Security must be top priority for finance execs
Friday 13 May 2011 | GDS International (Advertorial)
In the wake of the recent Sony PlayStation hack, Amazon EC2 outage and Epsilon data theft, information security is once again back in the news – for all the wrong reasons. But what can the financial community do to tackle such breaches when it comes to cloud computing?
Interview: Martin Wheatley, incoming UK conduct head
Wednesday 11 May 2011 | Nicola York
Global Financial Strategy catches up with Martin Wheatley, the outgoing chief of Hong Kong’s securities regulator, who expounds upon the differences between Chinese and Western regulators and how this will help inform his new role at the UK Financial Conduct Authority.
Back in black: Lowering corporate tax rates
Tuesday 26 Apr 2011 | Dave Goodman
Governments seem to have fixated upon lowering corporate tax rates in recent months in a bid to get their economies moving again. But if everyone does it, where does that leave us? Dave Goodman investigates.
IIF on global reforms: you have been warned
Thursday 21 Apr 2011 | Andrew Hickley
The Institute of International Finance’s senior director of regulation, Paul Wright, gets his teeth into some of the apparently hidden costs and unintended consequences of new regulatory measures sweeping the globe.
Too big to lose: UK banks oppose £4.5bn clawback
Thursday 21 Apr 2011 | Ranjana Kaushal
It’s been a double whammy for British banks, first it was the financial crisis breaking their back in 2008 and now it’s the call to refund hundreds of thousands of customers who bought payment protection insurance.
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