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EC hints at broadening liquidity rules
Tuesday 11 Oct 2011 | Andrew Hickley at GFS conference
The European Commission has indicated it agrees with industry complaints that the short-term liquidity measures agreed under Basel III need changing.
HKEx: ‘We don’t believe in arbitrage’
Monday 26 Sep 2011 | Will Henley in Hong Kong
The financial services industry is high up on the target list for the Hong Kong Exchange’s key company poacher, head of issuer marketing Eric Landheer. But which firm – insurer or bank – is his next target? And how will he lure them?
Collapse of euro ‘catastrophic’ for Brics
Tuesday 20 Sep 2011 | Will Henley
Top economists at HSBC and Standard Chartered have warned of the heightened risks facing the global economy, amid fears that a eurozone collapse and added protectionism could prove “catastrophic” for emerging economies.
G-Sifi insurer designation too ‘secretive’
Wednesday 14 Sep 2011 | Will Henley
As efforts gather pace in Basel to determine which insurers should be deemed globally systemic, the American Insurance Association tells Global Financial Strategy that the process is wrongheaded, lacks transparency and may seriously harm the US market. Will Henley reports.
Hong Kong ‘feels very familiar to UK companies’
Wednesday 14 Sep 2011 | Invest Hong Kong Advertorial
UK companies, faced with sluggish growth in their domestic and traditional European markets, are increasingly looking for new business networks in Asia. Hong Kong’s inward investment chief, Simon Galpin, believes the time as never been better to look east.
Would the ICB have stopped failures?
Monday 12 Sep 2011 | Will Henley
It is impossible to say for sure whether the world in 2011 would look very different had banking reforms proposed by the ICB been in place in 2007. Nothwithstanding the counter-factual, the independent British commission all but wagers that many banks may have survived without taxpayer bailouts, writes Will Henley.
Standards are key to Hong Kong’s future
Wednesday 7 Sep 2011 | Will Henley in Hong Kong
Hong Kong’s embrace of new international standards, including Basel III, is not merely grudgingly accepted by China, it is actively encouraged, asserts the HK Society of Financial Analysts. But this doesn’t mean the special administrative region is merely the mainland’s ‘guinea pig’.
HFA: US regulators must resist shorting ban
Thursday 18 Aug 2011 | Will Henley
US authorities would be wrong to mimic EU counterparts in banning short selling, even if they face fresh carnage in the markets in the coming months, argues Hedge Fund Association president David Friedland.
US super-committee: Where do they stand?
Thursday 11 Aug 2011 | Will Henley
Corporations in America – from hedge funds to big investment banks – are watching nervously to learn if tax hikes will be part of the package of recommendations put forward by the Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction in November.
In full: Statement by S&P; on US downgrade
Saturday 6 Aug 2011 | Will Henley
Overview • We have lowered our long-term sovereign credit rating on the United States of America to ‘AA+’ from ‘AAA’ and affirmed the ‘A-1+’ short-term rating. • We have also removed both the…
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