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Regulating the insurance industry? Child’s play!

Wednesday 25 January 2012 – by Regulation Mutters

A work programme released earlier this week by Europe’s insurance supervisor has shown the regulator’s human side, revealing it will work with the City of Frankfurt to create a kindergarten for local parents.

In a series of corporate and social responsibility efforts to ensure the European Insurance and Occupational Pensions Authority remains an “attractive employer”, and owing to a lack of places for small children in Frankfurt, Eiopa will open the nursery in cooperation with the city in “early 2012”, the work plan says.

While Eiopa will have a dedicated number of places available, a small number of seats will be reserved for children of local parents, boosting its ties with the local community, it adds, under a section of the programme entitled ‘missions’.

The move comes alongside initiatives from Eiopa to reduce its CO2 emissions, including encouraging staff to travel to conferences via train instead of flying. It will also seek to reduce its carbon footprint by subsidising public transport, offering a bike pool and encouraging staff to cycle to work.

Video conferences will be explored to cut down on external meetings, while environmentally friendly office supplies will be favoured, where possible.

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