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Davies on London vs the eurozone
Wednesday 14 Dec 2011 | Howard Davies / Project Syndicate
Howard Davies, former chairman of Britain’s Financial Services Authority, says David Cameron’s veto was a ‘big gamble’, given that the UK now appears to be shuffling towards the EU exit.
In focus: Controlled foreign companies overhaul
Wednesday 14 Dec 2011 | Jonathan Hornby
The UK is to see some of the most sweeping reforms to its foreign controlled company regime since the 1980s, writes Jonathan Hornby, senior director at law firm Alvarez & Marsal Taxand, with knock-on effects for banks and other financial firms.
Cayman rings changes for mutual funds
Wednesday 14 Dec 2011 | Deborah Poole
Legislation affecting the way mutual funds are managed in the Cayman Islands was green-lighted last week. Deborah Poole, partner at law firm Walkers, offers the inside track on this new regulatory shake-up.
Legrain: The euro crisis and the ECB fear factor
Wednesday 14 Dec 2011 | Philippe Legrain / Project Syndicate
Eurozone leaders could also set out a roadmap towards eurobonds, subject to strict conditionality, and tied to a credible mechanism for ensuring fiscal prudence, writes Philippe Legrain, economic adviser to the European Commission.
Is listing always the best course of action?
Monday 12 Dec 2011 | Tamara Menteshvili
A host of considerations must be explored before deciding whether a listing is the best route to market, says Tamara Menteshvili, founding director and chief executive of the Channel Islands Stock Exchange.
10 inconvenient facts about Germany, Britain & EMU
Monday 12 Dec 2011 | David Marsh
While the UK is in fact building trade ties with the single currency area, Germany is integrating with the non-euro area, writes David Marsh, co-chairman of the Official Monetary and Financial Institutions Forum and ex-European editor for the FT.
Cameron’s a ‘wolf in sheep’s clothing’
Monday 12 Dec 2011 | Sharon Bowles MEP
After the UK’s veto of a new EU treaty on Friday, the critics are out in force with the European Parliament’s economic and monetary affairs committee chair Sharon Bowles particularly vocal in her criticism of her party’s coalition partners.
Reszat: What’s all the fuss about TARGET2?
Monday 12 Dec 2011 | Beate Reszat
Claims that German taxpayers are being forced to pay for the debt of stricken EU countries through the European payment and settlement system are misguided, claims economist and author Beate Reszat.
James: The British ‘non’ to the EU treaty
Monday 12 Dec 2011 | Harold James / Project Syndicate
Cameron should not allow comparisons to Churchill go to his head. He may yet be remembered as a barely relevant and largely discredited figure, according to Harold James, professor of history and international affairs at Princeton University.
FTT: The reality behind the headlines
Friday 9 Dec 2011 | Shiv Mahalingham
Introducing an EU financial transaction tax as a revenue raising measure is dangerous without paying attention to the impact on capital flows, writes Shiv Mahalingham, managing director at independent tax advisers Alvarez & Marsal Taxand UK.
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