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S&P;: Why we changed our rating criteria
Thursday 22 Dec 2011 | Jayan Dhru
Standard and Poor’s recently revamped its rating criteria for banks in light of the financial crisis. Jayan Dhru, global head of financial institution ratings at the agency explains the logic behind the move.
Johnson: Austerity and the modern banker
Wednesday 21 Dec 2011 | Simon Johnson / Project Syndicate
Simon Johnson, former chief economist of the International Monetary Fund, says bank executives want to get all the upside while facing none of the true downside. But capitalism without failure is not any kind of market economy.
2012: The year to correct audit and CRD IV failings
Wednesday 21 Dec 2011 | Ian Welch
Overhauling controversial audit proposals and ensuring that the landmark CRD IV measures safeguard Europe’s long-term financing culture are likely to be key issues for regulators in 2012 after a frantic year, says Ian Welch, head of policy at the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants.
British bank restructuring should begin now
Tuesday 20 Dec 2011 | Michael McKee
Following their lobbying defeat, banks in Britain will have to think hard and strategically about how they restructure, writes Michael McKee, ex-executive director of the British Bankers Association and UK financial services regulatory head at law firm DLA Piper.
Osborne sets the course: further and faster
Tuesday 20 Dec 2011 | Iain Anderson
In his response to the Independent Commission on Banking, UK chancellor George Osborne has provided wiggle room for those firms that have a large proportion of their activities outside Britain, writes Iain Anderson, chief corporate counsel of Cicero Group.
The year clearing interoperability became a reality
Tuesday 20 Dec 2011 | Tomas Kindler
European clearing interoperability has, so far, been a success. However it remains to be seen whether upcoming regulation will enforce interoperability in those markets which to date have not opened up, writes Tomas Kindler, head of clearing relations at SIX Securities Services.
Market forces promise a year of intense change
Monday 19 Dec 2011 | Douglas Elliott
European regulators could become schizophrenic as they attempt to balance between setting financial regulations while ensuring banks can still support growth during 2012, writes Douglas Elliott, fellow at the Brookings Institution, as part of GFS’s look back at 2011 and preview of 2012.
Fixing the posts for the ring fence
Friday 16 Dec 2011 | Angela Knight
With the UK government set to reveal its response to the landmark ring-fencing proposals on Monday, banks will be left to chew over more than just turkey during the Christmas period, says Angela Knight, chief executive of the British Bankers’ Association.
Skidelsky: The euro in a shrinking zone
Friday 16 Dec 2011 | Robert Skidelsky / Project Syndicate
The Merkel doctrine holds that the crisis is the result of government profligacy, so only a “hard” balanced-budget rule can prevent such crises from recurring. But her analysis is utterly wrong, writes Lord Robert Skidelsky, professor at Warwick University.
Achieving operational excellence
Thursday 15 Dec 2011 | Geoff Hodge & Phil Davies
A radical step change is needed in the way technology is viewed with firms needing to re-think the way they use fund accounting tools, argue Phil Davies and Geoff Hedge of Milestone Group.
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