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The love-hate affair with regulation
Monday 9 Jan 2012 | Faisal Khan
Faisal Khan, director of banking and insurance at technology provider 3i Infotech, reviews the seismic changes of 2011 and the case for and against regulation.
2012: There may well be more trouble ahead
Friday 6 Jan 2012 | Andrew Morris
Global markets face another year of frustrating challenges epitomised by a host of political pressures, argues Andrew Morris, managing director of investment portfolio managers Signature.
Prada: Perspectives and priorities
Thursday 5 Jan 2012 | Michel Prada
Michel Prada, the newly appointed chairman of the IFRS Foundation Trustees, says he will aim to manage the delicate balance between independence, legitimacy and public accountability of IFRS accountancy standards as he takes up his new role.
Greed is good, but trust is better
Wednesday 4 Jan 2012 | Lee A. Schneider
Regulators across the globe must be wary of firms pushing back against new financial regulations, argues Lee Schneider, general counsel at technology firm ConvergEx Group.
The decline and fall of the euro?
Wednesday 4 Jan 2012 | Daniel Gros / Project Syndicate
It is far too early to write off the euro given the relative strength in the eurozone’s fundamentals, but Europe’s policymakers seem boundlessly capable of making a mess out of the situation, according to Daniel Gros, director of the Centre for European Policy Studies.
DeLong: America’s financial Leviathan
Tuesday 3 Jan 2012 | J. Bradford DeLong / Project Syndicate
J. Bradford DeLong, professor of economics at the University of California at Berkeley, explores why the devotion of a great deal of skill and enterprise to the US finance and insurance sector has not paid obvious economic dividends.
Italy and the transfer pricing issue
Tuesday 3 Jan 2012 | Piergiorgio Valente
Transfer pricing is the hot topic in the tax audit world right now in Italy says Piergiorgio Valente, managing partner of law firm Valente Associati GEB Partners.
2012 vision: Banks’ failure to act now could prove critical
Friday 30 Dec 2011 | Marion Kleiss
Banks that show reluctance to adopt Sepa before the deadline run the risk of finding themselves increasingly isolated from their competitors says Marion Kleiss, senior product manager of financial institutions at Commerzbank.
Two models for Europe
Friday 30 Dec 2011 | Hans-Werner Sinn / Project Syndicate
The only option to save the eurozone from complete meltdown is to take the American route of no taxpayer bailouts and allow states to go bankrupt, says Hans-Werner Sinn, professor of economics and public finance at Munich University.
2012 vision: Private equity and Volcker
Friday 30 Dec 2011 | Jeremy Hocter
The impact of the Volcker rule in the private equity world will see limited partners put in a more powerful position, according to Jeremy Hocter, product manager at performance monitoring firm Pevara.
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