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And this year’s award for best finance minister goes to…

Wednesday 21 September 2011 – by Regulation Mutters

Australian treasurer Wayne Swan has won Euromoney magazine’s finance minister of the year award for his steady handling of the country’s economy through the financial crisis.

Swan, who is also deputy Prime Minister of Australia, is praised for his “careful stewardship” of the country’s finances and economy – which has been the best performing developed market economy in the world since the financial crisis.

He is also credited for his strict fiscal discipline and for putting an exit strategy in place for the speedy economic stimulus that he implemented in 2007/08, and for sticking to it.

Last year’s winner was Russian finance minister Alexei Kudrin while Jim Flaherty of Canada won in 2009.

Swan will receive his award at the World Bank/IMF meetings in Washington next week.

Perhaps Global Financial Strategy should start handing out awards of its own? Most personable regulator, best piece of financial legislation, most useless piece of financial regulation, most random extended metaphor used in a speech…We could go on. Ideas on a postcard please (or just to the email address below).

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