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Angela Merkel's spoof tweets

Tuesday 8 November 2011 - by Regulation Mutters

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has become the latest high profile person to get her own Twitter impersonator.

The spoof twitterer started posting in the past 12 hours under Merkel's name with the subtitle "Lost in the Eurozone".

The tweets include amusing references to French and Italian leaders, such as: "Called Berlusconi. Still in bed. Will poke him on Facebook." - a reference to the Italian leader's insistence on Facebook that rumours of his imminent resignation were "groundless" on Monday.

Another tweet pokes fun at UK Prime Minister David Cameron: "Gonna push the financial transaction tax today to wind up David. Love the way he gets all red and flustered."

The poor former Greek Prime Minister doesn't escape either. "If I get one more pathetic phone call from Papandreou I am going to scrrrrream. Mein Gott. No you CANNOT stay on until the EU xmas party."

And finally: "Guten morgan. Launching €6bn tax break today. That'll wind up Nicolas. Austerity my a*se."

You know you've made it when someone sets up a fake Twitter account for you.

Read the latest from the fake Merkel here.

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